How to remove is a search engine that can be set as your home page and search provider without your permission. The search engine is distributed by a browser hijacker, which can get access to your computer in several ways. It is important to pay close attention to each installation process so that you can refuse the installation of unwanted software. Moreover, the system must be protected against malware and spyware threats because sometimes it is not enough to read the information provided by the installation wizard because there are lots of programs that get installed without user intervention.

How to remove

We often look for the best ways to cut down on our costs, and computer users are eager to download programs that are free as well. However, download the applications from third-party file hosting sites is always risky because you never know what other programs can enter your system. is a browser hijacker that gets distributed with potentially unwanted programs. Users often don’t even realize they install this dangerous threat on their computers. To cancel from your system, you need to delete all the unwanted applications and restore browser settings to default.

How to remove Trojan.LockScreen.EM

Trojan.LockScreen.EM is a malicious computer virus that most users see only after it locks the desktop and contains suspicious information. As our researchers have found, you may be introduced to a screen-locking notification informing that your operating system is infected with malware. This may be the first warning signals that you must delete an active Trojan. If you do not remove Trojan.LockScreen.EM, you will not be able to operate the system in a regular manner, and your security will become vulnerable.

How to remove Online Ad Scanner

Online Ad Scanner is an application that was classified by malware experts as a potentially unwanted programs, or in short PUP. It was named this way due to the suspicious distributions methods used to spread this program and questionable activities carried out by it. Online Ad Scanner is targeted mainly to advertising professionals as it is a tool that will gather traffic statistics for various advertising sites in the area you want; thus, Online Ad Scanner should help you discover new marketing trends easily. It sure sounds like a useful tool; unfortunately, it works in a very suspicious way. In…
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How to remove Yellow Adblocker

Yellow Adblocker is an application marketed as a browser add-on that will stop many annoying pop-ups and third-party advertisements while you browse the web. It sounds like a very useful application to have; thus, it is quite natural that unsuspecting users are manipulated into download and install Yellow Adblocker. Ironically, the application that should help you avoid annoying ads will actually provide a lot of them that surfing the web will be annoying and frustrating to no end. Do not install this application under any circumstances as it is not only annoying but can also expose your operating system to…
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How to remove Tikotin Search

Tikotin Search (tikotin. com) may change your home page and Search provider if a browser hijacker slipped onto your computer. This Search engine could affect all major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer); thus, you will have to get rid of it in order to restore the changes or set your preferred home page or Search provider. You may ask us why you can’t keep Tikotin Search. The reply is very simple â € “ this Search engine is not completely reliable and could even cause you security-related issues. It was also found out that it does not…
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How to remove LizardSales

LizardSales is a browser add-in that adds commercial and non-commercial offers into different websites in order to improve your online behavior. As the name of the program suggests, is designed to help you find the best online deals and sales. However, the program is very annoying because it shows coupons, web banners and other ads on virtually every Web site you access. It is known that the program used to be promoted at LizardSales. info; however, the website is no longer active. It means that the program is distributed in other ways; one of which is bundled downloads. If you…
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How to remove LionShopper

LionShopper is an adware application that gathers information about what you find online. Based on your most recent search data, LionShopper to generate customized ads when you visit Amazon, eBay, BestBuy and other online shopping sites. These ads should help you buy your favourite products at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, one can’t trust LionShopper because this application displays third-party content. If you care about your computer and your data security, you will remove LionShopper from the system immediately. While you are at it, scan your computer for other threats as well.

How to remove ArcadeGiant

ArcadeGiant is a browser add-in which has to be downloaded so that the user can play premium games at arcategiant. com. The program is free of charge, and, in return for the opportunity to play free games, the user has to put up with various third-party ads, none of which are supported by ArcadeGiant. The ArcadeGiant browser add-in is classified as adware, and we recommend that you remove it from the computer as soon as you can. By install the ArcadeGiant program, you agree to be provided with pop ups, pop unders, web banners, shopping-related ads, and other third-party content….
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How to remove Box Rock

Box Rock may seem like a very useful application because it promises to improve the browsing experience to a great extent. Unfortunately, we do not recommend trust this program blindly because it seems that there are more disadvantages associated with it. The information found by the specialists of removethreats. com has revealed that Box Rock is a typical ad-supported application; thus, there is no point in trusting or keeping it on the system. If you still decide to keep Box Rock for any reasons, you should know that you will see the ads on a daily basis. Commercials may appear…
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