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How to remove PDF Mighty?

What is PDF Mighty virus and why your browser’s homepage was suddenly changed

PDF Mighty is a rogue piece of software released by a rogue software developer, Imali Media. In most cases, people tend to misplace them with viruses, but PUPs are not that harmful. Even though it features an old Google logo, it looks more like a cheap copy of the real search engine. But the thruth is that the majority of them are far from being wide awake to the fact that PDF Mighty has gotten installed on their PC’s, until they notice the unpleasant changes carried out by this malicious extension. This might be the most important reason to eliminate this infection.

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PDF Mighty infects computer via emails that come with various ads. In this case, you should think what free software have you recently installed on your computer. What can really disturb your browsing experience is the fact that PDF Mighty provides modified search results. When analyzing the suspicious PDF Mighty, we have reviewed the Terms of Use statement, which revealed that E-KANOPI is its creator. In most cases, such programs are presented as ”advantageous browser extensions” or useful apps. Constant redirection to unknown pages is not only annoying but also poses risk to end up visiting malicious pages and get your computer infected.

Download Removal Toolto remove PDF Mighty

PDF Mighty distribution techniques

As has already been mentioned, PDF Mighty monitors your online behavior. on your computer and you suffer from PDF Mighty redirects,  It can later send it to the third parties which uses it for marketing related purposes. If might be that while you are taking the luxury of freely browsing, you constantly get interrupted by redirection and objectionable advertisements. Anti-Malware Tool) or just study PDF Mighty removal guide which is provided on page 2 and eliminate this potentially unwanted program manually. Therefore, this extension offers absolutely nothing of real value as you can create bookmarks yourself. According to our researchers, this redirecting is one of the most important reasons to delete PDF Mighty from your web browsers.

In late 2013, PDF Mighty got aquired and some of the new versions of this hijacker use different names (Trovi and Trovigo). Later it can use this information to generate personalized ads or involve you into other marketing related projects. Thus, every installation of new applications must be performed in Advanced/Custom settings. This search engine was also created by Mindspark, but it redirects the search queries you enter through Google Custom Search because it does not have its own search algorithm. Because we do not actually know what kind of malware might be active on your operating system, we advise implementing anti-malware software capable of erasing all threats from your computer automatically.

Can I remove this strange search website from my browser on my own?

There are two paths you can follow. ‘Add-ons’ -> This search engine could do this through the currently non-existent search results. Also, the privacy policy states that this hijacker will make use of any personal information that you provide voluntarily as a result of contacting the company via email. If after completing these steps you still feel that your computer is not safe, complete PDF Mighty removal with a help of the automatic malware removal program. If you are not allowed to negotiate, then you should not even bother with such sly software:

Download Removal Toolto remove PDF Mighty

Download Removal Toolto remove PDF Mighty

Manual PDF Mighty Removal Guide

Step 1. Uninstall PDF Mighty and related programs

Windows XP

  1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel
  2. Choose Add or remove programs
  3. Select the unwanted application
  4. Click Remove

Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Click Start and select Control Panel
  2. Go to Uninstall a program
  3. Right-click on the suspicious software
  4. Select Uninstall

Windows 8

  1. Move cursor to the bottom left corner
  2. Right-click and open Control Panel
  3. Select Uninstall a program
  4. Delete unwanted application

control-panel-uninstall How to remove PDF Mighty?

Step 2. Remove PDF Mighty from your browsers

Remove PDF Mighty from Internet Explorer

  1. Open IE and click on the Gear icon
    ie-settings How to remove PDF Mighty?
  2. Select Manage add-ons
    ie-manage-addons How to remove PDF Mighty?
  3. Remove unwanted extensions
  4. Change your home page: Gear icon → Internet Options (General tab)
    ie-internet-options How to remove PDF Mighty?
  5. Reset your browser: Gear icon → Internet Options (Advanced tab)
  6. Click Reset, check the box and click Reset again
    ie-reset How to remove PDF Mighty?

Delete PDF Mighty from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla and click on the menu
    ff-settings-menu How to remove PDF Mighty?
  2. Choose Add-ons and go to Extensions
  3. Select unwanted add-on and click Remove
    ff-extensions How to remove PDF Mighty?
  4. Reset Mozilla: Alt+H → Troubleshooting Information
    ff-troubleshooting How to remove PDF Mighty?
  5. Click Reset Firefox, confirm it and click Finish
    ff-troubleshooting How to remove PDF Mighty?

Uninstall PDF Mighty from Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the menu
    chrome-menu-tools How to remove PDF Mighty?
  2. Select Tools → Extensions
  3. Choose the add-on and click Trash can icon
    chrome-extensions How to remove PDF Mighty?
  4. Change your search engine: Menu → Settings
  5. Click Manage search engines under Search
    chrome-manage-search How to remove PDF Mighty?
  6. Delete undesirable search provider
    chrome-search-engines How to remove PDF Mighty?
  7. Reset your browser: Settings → Reset browser settings
    chrome-reset How to remove PDF Mighty?
  8. Click Reset to confirm your action

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